One of the more effective ways to eliminate acne is with blue light therapy. Here is the reason blue light is successful in treating acne.

Acne is a common skin condition among adolescents and many adults. Pimples and other sores result from pores that become plugged by a mass of skin oil (sebum) and dead skin cells. Once a pore becomes plugged the bacteria within in the pore begin to multiple and infect neighboring tissues. The irritated spots are noticeably red and feel sore and become the pimples we associate with acne.

There are several common treatments associated with acne prevention. First, cleansing is helpful to remove surplus skin oil on the surface. Bacteria on the skin in then killed with a mild anti-bacterial gel or cream. Dead skin cells are loosened with an exfoliant so they can be washed away. By doing this the possibility for clogging the pores is greatly reduced and the chance of acne is minimized.

Once pores become plugged they comprise blackheads or whiteheads. The location of the blockage is the most important difference between a blackhead and a whitehead. If the clog is near the surface of the skin the clog becomes oxidized and turns dark forming a blackhead. When the clog is further down into the pore, the surface can close in around the pore keeping it light in color which produces a whitehead.

Cells adjoining the pore become red, irritated and constitute a pimple as the bacteria in the clogged pore begin to multiply. The blemish can become more severe when the infection spreads beyond the pore. As an example, pressure on a pimple may force infected oil further down to reach the sebaceous gland or even into deeper skin layers and develop into a cyst.

You can understand how important it will be to eliminate the bacteria at the site of the pimple. This will lessen the irritation and reduce the dimensions and intensity of the blemish. Though some anit-biotic prescription medications are prescribed for severe acne, the vast majority of people will benefit to a great extent from more localized treatments.

One such treatment is acne light treatment. While sunlight has always been know to reduce acne, scientists examined specific colors of the spectrum to determine more particularly the range of colors that are actually helpful. One of the first groups to investigate this subject established that light within the violet range activated an organic compound, a porphyrin, within the acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. This porphyrin releases a signlet oxygen that eventually kills the bacteria.

Since acne bacteria multiply rapidly, several treatments on consecutive days are often necessary to eliminate all the bacteria in a blemish. As soon as the bacteria are gone, the swelling decreases and the cells begin to heal.

Obviously, the blue light can be delivered by full spectrum sunlight. But now dedicated lasers, fluorescent lamps, as well as LEDs (light emitting diodes) are employed to deliver the precise wavelength of light which is most useful. Numerous dermatologists use the Dusa Blue Light which is just like an array of fluorescent lights that emit light at a 400nm wavelength. Often your dermatologist will rub on aminolevulinic acid (brand name Levulan) to affected areas prior to the blue light therapy. The Levulan is photosensitive and exposed to blue light helps damage certain skin cells.

While treatments from a dermatologist can cost several hundred dollars each, low priced home devices have found there way into the market. Competition is keeping the purchase price for many of the devices in a reasonable range from around $40 to $300 or so.

Bear in mind that blue light acne treatment will not produce immediate results as the skin must heal. But lots of individuals find blue light acne therapy more practical than benzoyl peroxide and less irritating to their skin.

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