Tea Tree Oil has loads of great health benefits and uses for great skin health due to its anti-bacterial and and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pure tea tree oil is mainly used as treatment for acne, athlete’s foot, and wounds. Other great uses for pure tea tree oil is to fight dandruff, lice, rashes, nail fungus, infections, and warts.

Tea Tree Oil Can Be Great for Creating Your On Custom Mixes

Pure tea tree oil can be added into your favorite soaps, shampoos, and lotions. This allows you to control how strong you want your mixes of tea tree oil to be to compliment your skin conditions. Keep in mind that too much tea tree oil could be irritating to your skin if your skin is sensitive.

As a Spot Treatment for Blemishes and Athlete’s Foot

Use tea tree oil as a facial spot treatment on the areas that could sometimes develop acne. Use one drop of pure tea tree oil and apply to the affected spot, afterwards cover the spot with your favorite lotion. The same procedure works well for athlete’s foot as well.

Help You Fight Lice

Add it to your favorite shampoo and get clean and healthy hair lice free!

Sunburn Healing Repair

Help heal and repair your sun burnt skin by mixing pure tea tree oil in your lotion or coconut oil to help moisturize your skin.

Natural Household Cleaner

Cleaning your kitchen, tile floors, and bathrooms can be done with the anti-bacterial tea tree oil. You can mix pure tea tree oil with water, this makes a great cleaning spray.

Solution as a scrubbing spray, add a bit of salt into your mix and you can use it to scrub your bathroom tiles and bathtub.

Natural Insect Repellant

Mix about 15 drops of pure tea tree oil with about a cup of water, use less water if you want your spray to be stronger.

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