Are OTC Acne Treatments Really Working?

Is acne ruining your social life? Do you constantly find yourself sitting at home because you don’t anyone to see how bad your acne is? One of the most upsetting skin care problems is acne. Innumerable people from all over the world suffer from this problem.
Exposed acne treatment spells the end to your feelings of humiliation.

A team of professionals specializing in skin care have developed a product, which is path breaking in treatment of acne and prevents the problem from recurring. The Exposed treatment regimen works in 3 unique steps.

How does Exposed Skin Care work?

The first step of the process is the cleaning and detoxification of the skin. Sage extract, salicylic acid, and pro-vitamin B5 are some of the ingredients used in this facial cleanser.

Second, a clearing tonic is then applied which restores the skin’s ideal pH balance. In this stage expect to se skin exfoliation. The presence of antioxidants prevents skin damage.

Third is the use of clear pore serum which helps eliminate bacteria and prevents the recurrence of acne allowing you to enjoy a blemish free skin.

A combination of natural and scientific components in the exposed acne treatment is what helps to clear the skin from that unrelenting acne problem As with any other products this acne treatment also comes with its pros and cons.

The most visible positive effect of this acne treatment product is its ability to get rid of any forms of acne even in its most severe form. The treatment works with all skin types for for people of all ages. Something else you have to look forward to is less visible acne scars to make your skin look better than ever. There are no risks when using Exposed, nor are there any side effects. Enjoy relief from acne symptoms like irritation, itching, and inflammation among others.

Some of the negative effects of exposed are
1- Possible flare up of acne during the first week of treatment before complete healing occurs.
2- You can expect to see a marked improvement within two to five weeks of application.
3- Nothing in this program addresses the internal aspects of getting acne.

Users of this product give very high marks to the facial cleanser which they say gives their skin a very clean and smooth feel. The system offers a quick treatment and doesn’t leave their skin feeling oily or heavy.

Forget that stubborn and annoying acne with Exposed. It’s time to enjoy life free from acne.

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    Acne Treatments That Work

    Exposed Skin care, based in Seattle, Washington, has developed a new Exposed acne treatment system. Exposed was engineered by a group of dermatologists and scientists working in the skin care field.

    What Exposed Acne Reviews have taught us

    Exposed skincare offers a topical solution to get rid of acne, blackheads, blemishes, etc.
    This acne solution has 2 guarantees: a one year money back guarantee, no questions asked as well as a clear skin in 30 days money back guarantee, no other acne treatment provides this kind of guarantee.
    This means that you have an unconditional money back guarantee on your first kit! Exposed acne treatment system uses a proprietary blend of natural and scientific ingredients. The natural elements of Exposed are: passion Flower extract which is great for anti-inflammatory purpose, Aloe Vera which helps soothing the skin, Green tea extract to kill bacteria causing acne, Sage extract as an anti-oxidant and licorice root extract to reduce redness of the skin, diminish scars and reduce skin inflammation.

    The scientific ingredients that are used in the product include:

    Bezoyl peroxide: Kills acne bacteria and reduces sebum production.
    Salicylic Acid : used to get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores.
    Glycolic Acid: Helps rebuild collagen.
    Sulfur: Helps absorb excess oil and unclogs pores.
    Azelaic Acid: Helps in exfoliation.

    This acne solution has 3 steps: cleaning the skin, Clearing the skin from dirt and dead cells and then applying a serum to help soothe and moisturize the skin. The Exposed acne kit contains a Derm-X cloth to wash your face, a Facial cleanser, a Clearing Tonic and the serum to use day and night. The buyers of the product are also given a free membership in Club Exposed. The kit costs you just $49. 95 and can be used for 60 days.

    As a conclusion, this Exposed acne treatment package kills the bacteria causing acne and cleanse your skin from all dirt, using both natural and scientific ingredients working together to fight acne efficiently, giving you clear skin in 30 days, guaranteed or you money back.

    A couple of disadvantages were found however, for one thing the product is only available online which can be a turn off for some people, and the second point would be that there are no travel packs available like some competitors do.

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      Top Natural Acne Treatments

      There are many reviews about this specific product, many of them are positive though some name it the Exposed skin care scam.

      Keep in mind before you start going through reviews that many of them are put in as blatant forms of self promotion or sometimes put in to steer people towards the competition.

      Let’s begin by finding out how the organization Exposed Skin care describes its product and how it can aid or assist the consumer.

      The Exposed Skin Care system comes with four items
      A Facial cleaner : cleaning and detoxifying your skin kills the bacteria that causes acne and removes dead skin cells.
      A Cleaning tonic : contains antioxidants that protect the cells from free radicals.
      Acne is treated with this serum, which contains mainly benzoyl peroxide. It is recommended to be used in the morning.
      A Clear pores serum : used at night time, it treats blackheads and whiteheads.

      Ingredients obtained from nature also go into its preparation, such as licorice, jojoba, tea tree oil and extracts of olive leaf. Exposed Skin Care does not have side effects and was developed by dermatologists and decided to work well as is proven by scientific studies. Your skin will be blemish free in 30 days, guaranteed.

      Then why do some people consider Exposed Skin Care Scam more true ?

      It is important to remember that the majority of products will not always completely live up to their claims.

      Some disadvantages have been mentioned :
      While acne shows on the surface of the skin, the root cause really lies within your own body and that has not been addressed by the company.
      Some individuals may experience delay in the expected results and in the beginning the skin may be affected badly as a result of its use.

      But the biggest problem seems to lie in the company’s customer response. The result is why this method is often referred to as the Exposed Skin Care rip off.

      According to a website post, you can get your money back within a year if your skin doesn’t clear up.

      Well, several people have mentioned that they have had the hardest time getting a reply from the company when they try to get their money back. What about pleasing the customer?

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        Are OTC Acne Treatment Safe?

        Try Exposed Skin Care for an acne treatment solution if OTC medications have not worked for you.

        Most of the Exposed acne treatment reviews suggest that you will find the solution for your acne in Exposed because there are not many drawbacks in the treatment.

        In fact, Exposed Skin Care has received high user ratings since its introduction as it effectively treats acne, blemishes, pimples and blackheads. This perfect acne cure is effective because it’s customer service, regimen, ingredients and price all come together as and ideal package.

        Exposed Skin Care Ingredients

        The ingredients in Exposed include Benzoyl Peroxide that helps get rid of bacteria causing acne, and thus helps you control your acne problem.

        The presence of acids Alpha and Beta Hydroxy cause the dead skin to be removed and also dry up the acne which results in skin flaking away, thus avoiding the formation of scars.

        It also contains green tea extract, which regulates sebum production in the skin.
        Olive leaf extract can be used to limit infections and bacteria; tea tree oil restores vital oils that your skin must have to properly recover from damage.

        With the soothing additives of Aloe Vera and licorice root extracts coupled with micronized zinc oxide, Exposed Skin Care soothes the skin and counteracts the stress aging causes on skin.

        Purchasing Exposed Skin Care eliminates the need to buy other products such as creams and moisturizer for your skin care routine.

        System, price and guarantee

        By first cleaning your skin, removing acne, and then treating your skin for long-lasting acne free skin, Exposed Skin Care is a product that works. The product prevents the clogging of pores, while also killing skin bacteria and controlling sebum secretion to prevent and control acne problems in the future.

        You may feel that Exposed Skin care is a particularly expensive acne treatment program. It goes beyond just treating the acne, however, which makes the extra cost worth it.

        Exposed Skin Care is also safe to use, and comes with a 100% money back guarantee that lasts a year. There is a one year money back guarantee on the product if you find it worthless and return it.

        With most Exposed Skin Care reviews providing similar, productive and positive information, it proves that Exposed Skin Care is a great acne treatment solution to try to treat your acne problem.

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          What Are The Criteria To Select A Good Acne Treatment?

          Acne is a very common skin problem from which many of us suffer. While most products promise to remove acne and clear your skin, hardly few tend to deliver. The chemical based products spoil your skin and do more harm than good, there is a risk of that also. Exposed Skin Care formula, made of natural ingredients, is one of a kind product which gently works on your skin and helps in getting rid of acne.

          The way it works to give the desired results. Find Out From Exposed Skin Care Reviews

          When the hair follicles get clogged by dirt, oil, germs or bacteria, acne is the end result. When there is a greater secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, skin pores tend to get clogged. Pores unclogging and exfoliating the skin is the treatment mechanism used by Exposed acne. The exposed skin care formula aids in keeping the pores clean and its special ingredients also help in skin renewal. The exposed skin care formula works for all skin types, including the sensitive skin. You can look forward to a visible reduction in the acne in about two to five weeks after starting to use the Exposed acne treatment formula.

          A Few of the Positives:

          For use on all skin types, helps get rid of acne, made of natural ingredients that work gently on skin to not only remove acne, but also to aid in rejuvenation, cleansing and nourishing skin.

          Here are the Cons:

          Provides only symptomatic relief, doesn’t treat the problem from within the body, it can take several weeks to see results.

          A pretty strong customer feed back is received for the product. 98% of the people who used exposed skin care saw the results of clear skin in less than 30 days. User testimonials reveal that it not only cures acne but also nourishes and cleanses the skin to give it a healthier look. With the Clear skin, you will enjoy a money back guarantee for 30 days; with the Exposed Skin Care, you get a money back guarantee for an entire year.

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            How To Chose An OTC Acne Treatment?

            Along with the huge number of skin care and acne products, hundreds of Exposed Skin Care reviews can be found on TV and the internet. It is indeed a difficult task to choose the right product from the many available in the market. What makes it hard doing so is the information divulged by the company, which confuses the minds of the customers, as it’s hard to distinguish marketing information from scientific one. As a result, most people feel more comfortable using a brand that has been mentioned in exposed skin care reviews since someone has actually used it before. Let’s take a look at Exposed Skin Care, an OTC, a treatment without the use of harsh components the treatment of acne is carried out.

            So, what exactly does the Exposed Skin Care kit contain?

            Facial cleanser that is used to purify and remove dirt and dead skin cells on the skin.
            It also comes with a clearing tonic that will unclog pores and limit bacteria growth. Additionally, it takes care of the pH balance of your skin.
            To exfoliate and protect the skin, a Daytime serum is used that kills bacteria on the skin.
            A Night time serum that is used to rejuvenate the skin, clear dark spots and other marks, and reduce swelling and irritation.

            The natural ingredients that make up 100% of Exposed Skin Care include: green tea, tea tree oil and aloe vera, providing a safe, gentle and effective remedy for your acne troubles. You can rule out allergies and adverse reactions due to the presence of organic ingredients.

            We must now consider the question, Is this the right acne remedy for you?

            Most of the reviews for exposed skin care talk about satisfied customers. Reduction of acne, acne scars almost vanishing and a general improvement in the skin appearance has been reported by most customers. The kit is not very costly. For an investment of forty nine dollars, you can get all four benefits. Full refunds can be asked for up to a year of use, if you are not seeing results.

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