Are you having huge problems with acne? It’s a wonder how much acne can still affect our lives with the amount of treatments already available fore them. Perhaps the problem here is that the treatments available are too wide and varied. So we basically change our treatment methods before the previous one has time to settle.

One thing you should learn is that acne treatments aren’t as fast as we want them to be. Hence, you must first decide on what sort of treatment to use and stick to it for some time. But what method would you pick? There are commercial remedies and then there are home solutions for pimples, that you could consider. This article should be able to help you decide.

Treatments at Home
Most home remedies for acne are relatively easy to do. PIn fact, you don’t have to mix various ingredients to create a concoction~In fact, you don’t have to mix too many ingredients for this~In fact, you don’t have to take the time and concoct a mixture~In fact, it doesn’t make much time and you don’t have to mix ingredients}.

For those who are just starting out with acne, just washing your face twice a day would be a big help. For the advanced stage acne, use pumpkin mask for your face. You can apply this on your face every other day for twenty minutes. Remove it with warm water afterwards.

You can also use garlic for large pimples. Just slice some garlic and rub it on the zit. You’ll find that the pimple has decreased the next day. You can use this method every dat. Orange peel can also be used with the same results. These three also work well as acne scar home remedies since they help lighten the skin, removing color contrast.

Products for Acne
Those convenient acne products sold today are equally effective. However, it might take you some time to find just the right product for your skin.

You’ll find that most cleansers have the effective ingredient salicylic acid. Other than that, there really are no specific products that you should try out. Most medications are only taken under the supervision of a professional. You’ll find that there are also home remedies for acne scars available. There are time when the removing of pimples and healing of scars are combined in just one commercial product.

Choosing what to use
When doing something for your acne, try using home remedies first. They are after all the safest if not the cheapest. However, if you are unsatisfied with their results, then you can move on to marketed acne products.

Keep in mind what was said earlier. Treatments take time and thus you must stick to one for some time. When using commercial products, test it out on your skin first for allergy.

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