Despite the typical belief, dry skin acne not just exists, but is quite widespread; the outbreaks generally occur throughout the winter, when the epidermis becomes too dried out and tries to compensate by producing oils. When these oils clog the epidermis pores, mild or severe outbreaks of pimple occur, which is why dried out skin acne requires special care because most of the over the counter products are meant for patients with oily epidermis and can cause a lot more damage than good.

What causes dried out epidermis acne?

Even today, when the medical science is so advanced, the factors that cause pimple aren’t completely understood. The process starts when the pores (the follicles) obtaining blocked by sebum – an oily substance, produced by the sebaceous glands; after a whilst bacteria starts to grow and this leads towards the development of either blackhead or whitehead, which are the two types of non-inflammatory pimple. If the follicle walls break, then this causes inflammatory pimple and when the white blood cells make their way towards the surface they form pimples.

How can dried out epidermis pimple be treated?

Most likely the most widely utilized more than the counter acne treatment is the Benzoyl Peroxide, which can be sold under different brand names or is the main ingredient of many various creams. The Benzoyl Peroxide, nevertheless, might not be the very best solution for dry skin pimple since it generally brings about additional dryness, flaking and peeling. Of course, if you are suffering from dry epidermis pimple the very best course of action is to seek professional medical advice – let a dermatologist examine your epidermis and give you his or her expert opinion. Some with the prescribed medications work really well for the majority with the patients and have minimal side effects; the only drawback is generally their cost because they could price more than a hundred dollars for a small tube of gel and if your dried out skin acne is severe, this can add up to a substantial sum in the lengthy run.

So that you can reduce the acne outbreak, you need to use a moisturizer that does not contain oil; if you are using Benzoyl Peroxide, try using it less often or buy a cream that contains lower percentage. Don’t use abrasive scrubs since they can trigger irritation and further inflammation of your epidermis; also you ought to never touch the dry skin acne area with unwashed hands. If you’re utilizing a mask to moisturize your epidermis, make sure to wash it off with warm water and dry your face by patting it with a clean towel.

Even though most people have fewer dry skin acne outbreaks throughout the summer, keep in mind that the sun isn’t the ultimate cure – it merely clears out the existing pimple, but can cause further irritation and dryness to the epidermis, which is why long exposure towards the summer sun ought to be avoided. Adopting particular kind of diet is also questionable, as far as treating dry epidermis acne is concerned – having more raw fruits and vegetables each and every day is really a sure method to much better health and longer life, but can’t be directly linked to successfully treating acne outbreaks.

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