Acne is a very common skin situation which affects young people at their adolescence and few older people till they reach 45. Acne are referred as Youvana pitikas (which means the eruptions of youth) in ayurveda. This shows the prevalence of acne from ages. Ayurveda has described the causes of acne and recommends the perfect natural herbal acne treatments too.

What causes acne?

A big number of oil producing glands called “sebaceous glands” are present under our skin on facial area , back, chest and shoulders. During adolescence or menopause due to the influence of the sex hormones, that are produced in male and female, these glands become more active and produce an oily secretion called “sebum”. The sebum makes our skin more oily .The too much sebum blocks our skin pore or the pit of the hair hair foillicle developing acne.The stopped up pore or acne acts as an excellent habitat for bacteria. The bacterial infection causes irritation (reddish, unpleasant inflammation of the infected location) of the blocked pore or hair hair foillicle leading to eruption of pimples.

Vata and Kapha are two main doshas, that are involved in eruption of acne and pimples. Rakta dhatu or blood also plays an fundamental role in creation of acne.

Vata when gets vitiated due to unhealthy eating plan and lifestyles affects other two doshas (kapha and pitta) to aggravate them. Irritated pitta affects rakta dhatu or blood. The vitiated blood affects our skin and causes excess secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. Kapha has sticky residence. The irritated kapha imparts the stickiness to the oil produced by sebaceous glands of skin. Thus the thick sebaceous plugs are formed in skin pores and hair follicles leading to eruption of acne.

Acne worsens when

1. grease, dirt or other harsh chemical compounds accumulate on skin.

2. you have elevated stress levels.

3. you indulge in Squeezing or pinching of acne.

4. when there are hormonal imbalances during menstrual cycle, menopause and adolescence.

5. you’re under remedies like steroids or hormonal treatment.

Precautions to be taken to avoid exaggeration of acne eruptions:

• Keep clear of foods that are spicy, dry and oily. These might trigger indigestion and lead to vitiation of vata.

• Keep a habit of emptying bowels frequently this always normalizes vata.

• Keep clear of fast foods and soft drinks.

• Wash your facial area twice day-to-day with minimal cleanser.

• Put a hair band to avoid falling of hair on facial area . The sweat and dirt accumulated on hair might fall on facial skin through hair strands

• Keep clear of resume of scrubs.

• Wash your hair frequently with minimal shampoo to keep it clean and keep away from dandruff.

• Squeezing and pricking of pimples trigger scaring. Hence keep away from this

• Keep clear of exposure of skin to severe climatic disorders.

• Keep clear of oil based moisturizers. H2o based moisturizers are always valuable.

• Drink numerous amounts of h2o.

• Practice a regular exercise regimen

Natural Herbal acne household treatments :

• Wash your facial area with lukewarm h2o and minimal soap twice a day.

• clean fresh methi leaves (fenu greek leaves) and grind it to make a paste. Apply it on facial area and clean it off with lukewarm h2o after 10 minutes.

• Grind juicy tender neem leaves with turmeric to a consistency of paste. Apply this paste on acne and pimples. Wash this off after it dries.

• Apply a facial skin pack of ripe tomato pulp and clean it off as soon as it dries by natural means (preferably after 45 minutes).

• Do not keep the make up while sleeping. Clean it with a minimal herbal cleanser.

• Mix besan flour (gram flour) with rose h2o and put on a facial area pack.

• Consuming fresh vegetable salads and fresh fruits keeps our skin healthy and resistant to imperfections.

• Drink numerous amounts of h2o (15 glasses a day)

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