I wasn’t sure about a facial moisturizer that was oil free. I think good oils are really essential to the body and great for the skin too. There are some really nice oils for skin, like argan, jojoba, rose hip and generally I such as to see those in a facial skin care product. However this item was interesting to me considering that it was based on hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer. Though I admit, it sat on the shelf for a while.

Now I don’t generally have oily skin or acne breakouts – unless I really blow it with my diet. Which I did. I limit sugar however that delicious danish pastry from Christmas was still in the freezer and it needed to go. And so it did. All in one shot. That’s what did me in. That and not enough water and veggies lately. Three huge pimples screaming at me.

So I chose to finally give this item a shot. I understood it also had pantothenic acid in it which I hoped might help settle the acne. After a couple days of use, those pimples are practically gone. Likely that would have occurred anyway. What really impressed me was how different my skin felt with this moisturizer. The flared up sensation of the acne dissipated right away and my skin felt really soft and dry, especially after a couple days of use. It’s difficult to put my finger on the different feeling from my other moisturizers. I’m in fact getting sort of hooked on the sensation of this one. My face also felt fuller and firmer. Considering that I had already been using a hyaluronic acid serum, I needed to check out the other ingredients.

Turns out pantothenic acid is not only great for blemishes, but it also hydrates the skin at a very deep level. The component is in fact panthenol but once it absorbs into the skin, it transforms to pantothenic acid which is Vitamin B5. The moisturizer is likewise rich in sea minerals – very nourishing to the skin.

I love the natural ingredients in the Oshi Glows line of skin care items. I acquire their items from Amazon. The followup customer service is great – emails to ensure the shipment has come and extra info on the item. And a fast response to any questions. I would definitely say give them a try.


– 100 % Pure Botanical Hyaluronic Acid in a light, non oily moisturizer
– Non-comedogenic moisturizer that won’t obstruct pores or contribute to the shiny look of oily or combination skin types
– Features hyaluronic acid in a blend with other nourishing, reparative and moisturizing ingredients for exceptional natural skin care and anti-aging results.

Hyaluronic acid forms a breathable protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture for a vibrant look. It permeates deeply into the dermis, enhancing elasticity and hydration. Panthenol is a non-irritating, naturally hydrating form of Vitamin B. It permeates deeply and transforms to pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). It has several purposes. Its deep moisturizing assists to decrease wrinkles. It counteracts surface area germs making it an appropriate therapy for acne breakouts and is likewise understood to minimize inflammation, relieve irritations and initiate the rebuilding of your skin. Includes a concentrate of over 92 Ocean Minerals, including many trace minerals. Seawater is similar in composition to human plasma and quickly absorbed. It can keep skin healthy and young but will likewise supercharge overall health.

Sea Mineral treatment is more popular in European health spas however this could change as we realize the results of mineral deficiency of our soils and food. Rather than use the latest in manufactured chemicals on the skin, we think it’s better to provide the skin exactly what it naturally needs.

Other Features

-Calms rosacea flare ups, soothes sun burns and minimizes post shaving bumps
-In a base of healing Aloe and Herbal infusion, rather than water
-Can be used by all skin types
-Can be used day or night
-All natural ingredients; 70% organic
-Vegan – no animal products or animal testing

We feel positive you will love this Oil Free Moisturizer and back it with a full refund, no questions asked guarantee. Order yours today!

Learn more at http://www.amazon.com/Moisturizing-Hyaluronic-Moisturizer-Noncomedogenic-Natural/dp/B00IO6JJ72/moisturizer for oily skin/

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