You will most likely experience some sort of acne during your lifetime. Most kinds of acne are painless to get rid of with the correct therapy. There are other kinds of acne like nodular acne that take a bit more time and effort in reducing. This is a more unpleasant, inflammatory type of acne that has the potential to scar your epidermis for life. By understanding precisely how nodules are formed, you’ll be much better equipped to choose which therapy path is going to be the right one for you.

Mild to medium forms of acne form pretty close to the top of skin like pimples, papules, whiteheads and blackheads. When acne forms deep down underneath the top of skin, this is what is commonly called Nodular acne. They will appear as big, hard bumps on your epidermis and possibly be tremendously unpleasant to touch. These could remain for several months if you don’t treat them and could recur if not treated at all or properly. Once you observe that this type of bump has come up on your epidermis, you need to take action immediately.

Acne has three main triggers. When sebum production goes into overdrive and builds up this makes your epidermis produce more dead epidermis cells. These gather on the surface of your epidermis and unhealthy bacteria form and multiply there. If this process happens deep beneath skin, this is characterized as nodular acne.

Hormones are usually at the middle of the cause of acne in a teenager, being the reason that they so often get acne. Oily goods on your epidermis could also cause Nodular acne or certain remedies can as well.

Nodular Acne and Scars

Nodular acne has a pretty high potential of scarring your epidermis for life. When you use laser or light based treatment, this may decrease the effect that scarring has on your epidermis. The laser treatment penetrates deep into skin and triggers the sebaceous glands to stop creating so much sebum. You could also select solutions like dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, or an injection of collagen or fat into the scars to reduce the look of the scarring, if it has already occurred.

Make sure that if you have Nodular acne you don’t attempt to break skin or touch it too a lot, this will likely raise the scarring effect that will happen on your epidermis. This isn’t the type of acne that could be popped like a pimple could be.

You can’t be treated for nodular acne without a doctor. You have to be prescribed the correct therapy so that you could maintain the crystal clear look of your facial skin and your health. So, if you suspect you have Nodular acne, see a medical expert right away and let him know your signs and symptoms. Adolescents are primarily going to be prone to this type of acne caused by the superior hormone levels in their bodies. Be watchful and always take great care of your epidermis to prevent this type of acne from ever affecting you.

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