Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, for every time an irritating pimple emerged, you had a little device which would take care of it and voila! No more pimples! It does sound like something out of a movie, or maybe something that should or would be invented only in the future. Well, it appears like the future is here today. Introducing you to the Zeno acne clearing device.

This neat small device is a hand held, battery operated savior, which battles against pimples, and returns your skin to normal much faster than any cream or gel available in the market is capable of. Through some research and understanding of the Zeno acne clearing device you would come to realize that it’s the best and the quickest way of getting rid of your pimples.


Operating the Zeno acne clearing device is extremely easy. The battery operated device excludes heat at its tip. The heat is pre set and is neither painful nor uncomfortable, is it more like pressing a warm cloth on to your face. Zeno is intended for direct contact with your skin so just place the tip onto the pimple and allow it do its job.

Using heat to destroy the bacteria that causes pimples to erupt is the method in which Zeno acne clearing device works. Pimples are caused by dirt and oil clogging the opening of hair follicles in your skin and creating an environment for bacteria to grow in. The heat from the Zeno acne clearing device, when used for the prescribed amount of time, works by causing the bacteria to self destruct. Once the bacteria are killed the pimple disappears. The Zeno acne clearing device modulates the amount of heat needed and changes the level to suit your skin and the heat required to destroy the bacteria.  The heat will not damage your skin in anyway.

The Zeno acne clearing device is a breakthrough for people who want quick, painless results.  The device needs to be held over the pimple for only two minutes twice or thrice over twenty four hours to get rid of most pimples. Sometimes just once will do the trick. To get the optimum results use the device as soon as the pimple has started growing and then the results will be both better and quicker.

This device is easy to use and is also very handy as it can be carried around. When you see a pimple appearing on your face the next time all you need is to apply you Zeno acne clearing device to make sure that you have clear skin once more.

TitleZeno Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device, PinkZeno Mini Acne Clearing Device, WhiteZeno Electronic Acne Clearing Device
FeatureEliminates Acne Causing Bacteria
100% natural, FDA approved, dermatologist recommended
Tough on blemishes, but gentle on skin
90% of blemishes treated with ZENO disappeared or faded within 24 hours.
Starts Clearing in Just 1 Hour
FDA cleared
Clinically Proven
Dermatologist recommended
Makes pimples go away. Fast.
Includes two AAA batteries and one 45-count treatment tip
Clinically proven to reduce and resolve 86% of acne pimples with two to three 2.5-minute applications in a 24-hour period
Utilizes ClearPoint Technology which delivers a dose of precisely controlled heat to kill acne-causing bacteria
Each replacement tip cartridge contains 90 treatment cycles
Portable, hand-held rechargeable device easy to use
One of the most effective acne treatments available without a prescription
Height3 inch7 inch4.5 inch
Weight0.2 pound0.25 pound
Width1.75 inch5.5 inch1.5 inch
Length1.5 inch2 inch1.5 inch
LegalDisclaimerThis product can be shipped to any country to which SkinStore currently ships
Warranty1-yearZeno Mini is warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year under normal use after its original purchase date. This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser and only when purchased from an authorized Zeno Mini retailer.Limited One-Year Warranty
Rating3.0 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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