Are you one of the millions of people who are troubled by acne regularly? Have you tried every cream, tonic and lotion on the market, without success? There may be something you have not even thought of that can make all the difference.


Yes, new research is finding that many times, when we bring the essential bacterial balance of our digestion system into harmony, everything in our body works more efficiently. This gives our body the ability to get rid of impurities and other factors that add to acne.

Acne breakouts can have many underlying causes. Hormone imbalances, toxins, diet plan and food allergies can also be contributing elements. Several things to remember are:.

– probiotics will aid with bodily hormone imbalances however you should check with your healthcare professional to make certain they are not severe imbalances.
– if you are constantly craving certain foods, such as starches, oranges, chocolate (and who does not crave chocolate?) it may be an indicator that you have a sensitivity to that specific food.
– convenience foods, greasy foods, white sugar and flour all trigger inflammatory responses in your body. Replacing these junk foods with healthier choices will assist, not just your skin, but your overall health and wellness.

What is necessary to remember is that once you have your digestive tract environment balanced and accustomed to a cleaner diet, you'll have improved many elements of your overall wellness. Even if you don't see changes in the acne that are appearing, you will have the ability to rule these reasons out as you continue to try to find the cause to your break outs. You will have done the very best thing you can do for your skin so research can continue for various other causes.

Not all probiotics are created the same. Do your research before you buy. The first thing to look for are these two strains listed on your probiotic supplement label: B. Longnum and L. Paracasei or L. Casei. These are two very effective inflammation fighters and must number in the billions. They are necessary in your battle against zits. You will want your probiotic supplement to have a minimum of 10 billion CFU per daily dosage.

Take charge of developing positive changes in your wellness and your skin will thank you.

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