If you suffer from pimples or other lesions due to clogged pores you will want to discover how to unclog pores and restore the inherent beauty of your skin. There is no better way to have healthy, smooth, blemish free skin than by unclogging your pores.

What Clogs Up Your Pores?

Your pores are clogged because very small particles on your skin enter the pore and block skin oil from coming out.

The vast majority of people initially experience clogged pores and acne outbreaks around puberty. The sebaceous glands below the surface of the skin start producing excessive sebum or skin oil. As the oil leaves a pore it mixes with dead skin cells to form a mass that clogs up a pore.

With the pore’s exit blocked, the pore swells up with all the new sebum being produced. The environment is just great for bacteria that begins multiplying and infecting adjacent cells. These infected cells become red and swell, establishing a pimple.

After some time your body adjusts to testosterone and the sebaceous glands stop overproducing sebum. But, if your skin is naturally oily, lesions can happen even after the teenage years. The pimples that usually result from acne outbreaks are embarrassing at any age.

To control and prevent acne breakouts you need to unclog your pores and keep them unclogged.

Methods to Unclog Pores

While acne breakouts can take place anyplace on the body, they are most common on your face. But back acne is also common. So, to open up your pores you have to give yourself a steam facial. The easiest way is to gently boil some water and stand with your face over the pot so steam gently drifts up to your face. Be careful not to get too close or it will feel too hot. Of course, a pleasant warm shower with lots of steam will also open up your pores.

Enjoy the warm moist steam for 5 to ten minutes. This will ensure your skin is nicely warmed and your pores are fully open.

Cleanse your skin with a non-alkaline soap or cleanser to remove the day’s oil and grime. Non-alkaline cleansers deprive bacteria of the preferred, alkaline environment.

Next you need to kill any lingering bacteria, both on the surface of the skin and in the now opened pores. A well-liked non-prescription compound, benzoyl peroxide, is often used to kill bacteria. You’ll find gel preparations that enable you to gently rub it on your skin. Keep gently rubbing it into your skin and into your pores where it is going to kill bacteria that result in blemish producing infections.

Prevent Further Clogging of Your Pores

While you don’t need a steam facial every day, you should cleanse and kill bacteria every day. Many people recommend doing the cleanse and applying an anti-bacterial agent twice a day.

But, you also should try to remove any surface particles that may clog your pores. Cleansing will remove most of the daily grime and makeup you may use. But, dead skin cells require additional effort. Exfoliation is the step that helps get rid of tiny dead skin cells from the skin. Again, over the counter products help with this. The most popular are gel preparations of salicylic acid that help remove dead skin cells.

Gently rub this gel onto your skin, enabling it to be absorbed into the skin. It loosens dead skin cells so they can be washed away in the course of your next cleansing session.

That’s how to unclog your pores and prevent your pores from being clogged in the first place. Your skin ought to be healthy and smooth in only a handful of days.

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