Let’s talk about acne treatments. If you suffer from acne you have probably tried all kinds of treatment options. There are the creams, cleansers and even over the counter and prescription medications. But have you also given natural acne treatments a try?.

1) Diet And Hydration

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay well hydrated. This one change alone will improve your skin and your well-being. Keep a food journal for a while to find out what ingredients trigger your acne the most. Try not to indulge on them (except maybe on rare occasions).

2) Sunshine

Another very simple but extremely effective thing to do is to stick your face in the sun once a day. Do your best to get out in the sun at least once a day for a few minutes. It will ensure your body can produce plenty of Vitamin D and will help keep your skin healthy.

3) Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to improve acne. The science community things that the phytochemicals and anti-oxidants in the tea give it is medical benefits. Try drinking a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is important that you don’t add any sugar, honey or other sweetener to the tea. It will act as a preservative and will destroy some of the important elements.

4) Tea Tree Oil And Aloe Vera

Mix a little of the oil and aloe gel in your hand and massage it on your face as part of your cleaning routine. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and the gel made from the aloe plant will reduce swelling and redness.

5) Vinegar And Baking Soda

Last but not least, here are two more homemade treatment options. While you are suffering from an acne breakout, use vinegar like a toner a few times a day. Acne outbreaks will quickly clear up with this. Once your face is clear, make a simple paste from baking soda and water and apply it to your face and other areas of your skin where acne occurs. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of warm water. Use this mask a few times per week. Your acne will likely be greatly reduced because the baking soda does a good job of restoring the ph balance.

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