The trouble with getting older is that sometimes it can show on our face in the manner of wrinkles and lines, age spots and minor discoloration of the skin. .   And while a lot of people are determined to chance cancer by applying skin-care solutions that consists of hydroquinone, there could possibly be a more organic option to get good skin without the need of turning to questionable measures.  As a matter of fact, there are some that believe that some of “resources” in nature’s toolbox can be as equally effective at wiping away dark brown and sun spots, freckles, and age lines as hydroquinone….. In fact By going au natural, you will be able to discover a a few very good options that will not only lead to better looking skin, they are really good for you.

First up is Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is derived from a mushroom found in eastern asia and was first discovered in two decades ago.   It is highly popular in the east, a place that takes fair, white skin seriously. .  So how does kojic acid whiten skin?   The source of pigmentation comes from the melanin.  Kojic acid has properties that prevent the production of melanin. .   Actually, it doesn’t interfere with melanin directly but blocks a substance known as tyrosinase from catalyzing with melanin.   As a result, your skin tone evens out and freckles and sun spots which are responsible for too much melanin produced, diminish and even disappear .   While good alone, it is best when combined with other natural skin whiteners such as glycolic acid .   Kojic acid soap can be used daily like any other soap and usually is mixed with papaya for a fresh, clean smelling scent.
Kojic acid has a mild drying agent that shouldn’t be used with other Alpha Hydroxies or salicylic acid .   You should do a spot test on an area of skin first before you apply liberally to see if there will be an adverse reaction to the soap.
Salicylic acid cream is another natural skin product and is used mainly on skin conditions such as acute acne, psoriasis and other chronic conditions involving your skin. .   Salicylic, in its concentrated form, is considered to be very powerful treating acne issues .  Additionally, salicylic acid can also be found in products that treat warts .
For beauty, a salicylic acid cream works because it naturally exfoliates the skin . Salicylic acid is different from other acids for beauty such as glycolic acid and kojic acid .  Basically, since it is oil soluble, it can penetrate skin cells much more easily than other acid creams . The risk of skin irritation is minimal and it is considered to be safe to use daily .
Finally, there is glycolic acid .  It is a natural exfoliator, just like salicylic acid .   The difference between glycolic acid and the rest is that it naturally stimulates collagen, the substance that gives us beautiful skin.  It is typically as a glycolic acid peel.
A glycolic acid peel is a good choice if you are trying to reverse the effects of skin damage, diminish the appearance of age spots that we get as we age and for treating the very fine lines and wrinkles around the edges of our mouth and corners of our eyes.
In addition to this, glycolic acid works a lot like salicylic acid in that it is good for treating acne. .  The way it works is it helps to shrink up large pores in the skin and in effect reduces the chances of developing blackheads and whiteheads    Purplish, painful acne will start to dissipate with each and ever face peel.

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