Green tea is a highly versatile herbal supplement and helps treat acne affectively. Available in varied forms, the green tea extract can be incorporated into daily diet as tea beverage,or consumed in the form of pills to treat the condition internally. It can also be used as a topical treatment in the form of a cream.

There are a number of skin care products in the market which claim to have green tea extracts. Among these, Exposed acne treatment solution has gained high praise and quick acknowledgment.The product combines the benefits of green tea with those of various other herbal additives.Moreover the green tea extracts are included in the micro encompassed form, which increases its effectiveness by a considerable margin.

The explanation why the Exposed acne treatment solution tops the list is because it contains several other very efficient ingredients along with green tea extract. Further on, Exposed contains green tea extract in a micro encapsulated form which is even better way of using green tea extract. The Exposed skin care system is a complete system of products and not a singular product alone. The acne treatment solution puts together several products that help in working with acne in the best possible manner.It can offer you three fantastic products that contain green tea extract :

* Exposed clearing tonic
* Exposed acne treatment serum
* Exposed moisture complex


The topical application of these Green tea exposed products together works to heal active acne and eliminates scars at best. It regulates sebum formation and prevents future breakout at the same time.

Skin Benefits of Green Tea Extract

* Green tea extract has anti inflammatory properties and is known to ease inflamed and irritated skin.
* Its antioxidant properties help in capturing free radicals and stop skin conditions like acne.
* Green tea extract has anti bacteria properties that enable it to battle acne causing bacteria.
* It helps in regulating hormonal activity, which is thought to be the primary cause of acne.
* While other acne treating counterparts have their effectiveness limited to the skin surface, the green tea extract can treat the issue both outwardly as well as internally. It aids which promotes healthy and beautiful skin from inside.

Now, take a look that the varied uses of green tea extracts, which proves its capacity.

* Green tea has been traditionally utilised by Chinese physicians as treatment for headaches, body aches and poor digestion.
* These extracts limit the cholesterol level of human body.
* It could be used to lower cholesterol levels in the body.
* It works in obstructing the action of carcinogens that promotes cancer.
* It protects against various respiration and digestive infections.
* Green tea extract also provides help in weight loss.

Green tea can have many positive results on your body. It helps you
* Cures acne
* Improves skin
* Improves digestion
* Control your body cholesterol
* Gain relief from various pains and aches
* Helps shed the pounds

at the end,Green tea is the key to a good life and great looks.

TitleLife Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract 98% Polyphenolds, Vegetarian Capsules, 100-CountNutriGold Green Tea Extract GOLD 500 mg, 180 Vegetarian Capsules - Decaffeinated Green Tea Fat Burner Supplement for Weight-loss (98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG)Green Tea
FeatureDietary Supplement
Decaffeinated Green Tea used
98% Polyphenols
The Gold Standard in pure Green Tea Extract
Formulated using the Profile ProvenĀ® Pure ValueTM Green Tea ingredient
Standardized to contain 98% Polyphenols, 80% Catechins, and 50% EGCG
500 mg per vegetarian capsule / 180 capsules per bottle
Key Health Benefit: Supports heart health, healthy weight, and healthy aging*
Green Tea
500 mg of Green Tea
60 mg of Vitamin C for better absorption
Same Formulation as Recommended by The 4-Hour Body
Green Tea Extract
Size100 vcaps
LegalDisclaimerThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Rating4.3 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars
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