Going through your teenage? Suffering from Acne? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Acne is a familiar and treatable skin condition that causes pimples and other skin problems. About 80-90% of teens will have acne during their teenage years. Acne can start as early as age 8 and will be in its utmost during the teenage. The glad thing is that it is a transient problem and never has to battle acne once you pass your teenage. In some cases severe acne can leave scaring or pockmarks, or continue into the adult years.

What leads to acne?

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• Due to overproduction of skin cells blocked hair follicles combine with a fatty material called sebum to form a plug in the follicle, causing acne.

• Enlarged glands which are usual during teenage will increase the sebum in the face, back and related areas promote the overgrowth of bacteria is also a factor for Acne.

• Inflammation due to bacteria growth. Sometimes an explosion occurs as skin cells and follicles become inflamed due to bacterial growth.

• Oil-based cosmetics may contribute to a build up of fatty sebum in the skin which makes an environment more prone to acne.

• High humidity and moisture on the skin can contribute to acne.

• Deeper inflammation near the skin result in pimple and deeper will cause cyst. If the oil breaks through the surface it leads to white heads and if it accumulates melanin pigment it turns to black head.

• Many people believe that Hereditary, drugs, food, dirt etc are the issues for acne but they don’t usually cause acne. Other than skin eruptions acne can cause many problems. For example, result in physical and emotional impacts, and even affect your personal life. Teen Acne treatments are now present in any part but the method includes depending on which type and how severe your condition is.

Natural cures:

• Cleanse your face twice daily with a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. Rinse with warm water. Follow up with a light moisturizer.

• Rub fresh lemon juice over the face every night. It is a natural astringent and gentle antibacterial agent.

• Keep away from sun as Acne medications may cause harmful reactions.

• Applying tomato on the face is best for removing acne scars.

• Rubbing ice cubes against the pimples will reduce swelling and slowly erase the scars.

If the acne is so severe we need to talk to the doctor for the appropriate medicines. Some of the Teen Acne treatments taken by dermatologists are topical retinoids, topical antibiotics, other topical medications, oral antibiotics, and the new F.D.A.

Newer retinoids include adapalene and tazarotene which will assist in unclogging pores. Most of the doctors start the treatment with tetracycline. Oral antibiotics employed for acne treatment includes cefadroxil, amoxicillin, and the sulfa drugs. To make big pimples and cysts flatten out fast doctors inject them with a form of cortisone. Latest reports tell the success of laser treatment for acne. Laser resurfacing assists in removing permanent scarring. It is crucial to talk to a dermatologist before proceeding with any treatments as they help to find out the exact treatments with no side effects.

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