Dry body skin should not be treated as some sort of dramatic condition that is a flaw to one’s health. According to hereditary factors, the oil secretion of the skin glands will be lower than for normal skin. Dry body skin is specific to people of all ages, from babies to the elderly with the mention that small children and old people are more prone to skin dryness. There is a very simple explanation behind it: the immature baby skin layers provide less protection against the environment. With the elderly, dry body skin occurs because of the reduced functions of the skin that decay because of age.

If no dermatological problem is behind skin dryness, then the possibilities to treat it are manifold and very much within reach. Moisturizers are the main help in the fight against dry skin, but their impact is influenced by the quality of the cleaning products and the hygiene rules one sticks too. Normally, body lotions should be applied after bathing or showering when the skin is still damp. Plus, it is advisable to spend less time in water because it aggravates dryness.

Dry body skin gets worse in winter or after sun exposure. In winter creamier skin lotions should be applied, and try to complement their use with all sorts of natural products around the house. Thus, a very efficient treatment for dry body skin is cold-pressed olive oil, coconut or almond oil rubbed or massaged into the skin. They are the preferable alternative to body lotions because of their purity. Nevertheless, while body lotions may contain fragrance or chemicals, they are not as messy as natural essential oils. Yet, it’s your choice first and foremost!

When it comes to sun exposure, although it doesn’t sound very well or pleasant, sun bathing should be avoided when you have dry body skin. You can lie around the pool or go sunbathing but you should not try to tan, a maximum protection factor is required in the sunscreen you use. The main consequence of the sun exposure for dry body skin is an increased dryness that leads to rapid skin decay, blisters formation and premature aging. Plus, ignoring the condition will not make you feel any better, so act on it!

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