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It is the bane of an individual’s existence. Everybody gets it; everybody hates it. And once you have it, prepare to be tormented, embarrassed and humiliated. Such a little bump, so a great deal at stake. So what is this little bundle of horror? What else but the dreaded pimple!

A pimple, or acne as some individuals calls it, is a dreaded reddish, swollen bump in the facial area. Nobody is spared from having it. Male or female, American, Chinese or Puerto Rican, they all have gotten it at some points of their lives and may even still have it. It is like a universal language; it is like a right of passage in an individual’s life. Acne is a result of the hormones action on your skin’s oil glands (the sebaceous gland) which leads to blocked pores and outbreak of lesions like pimples, spots or acne. Acne commonly occurs in the neck, facial area, back, shoulders and chest because the oil glands are most abundant in these locations. But the crucial question we should be asking to be able to avoid this dreaded “disorder” is, “What triggers this pain in the neck called acne?”

Unfortunately, the triggers of acne cannot really be determined (unless your parents or their parents are acne infested too then there’s a large, large chance you will be called acne facial area by your peers and classmates) thus the acne common myths are born! These common myths claim to be the trigger of acne. We shall enumerate them here.

Acne Myth Number 1

Acne is brought on by not washing your facial area often and not scrubbing it hard enough. Numerous believed that acne is brought on by dirt and dust in the facial area and by washing your facial area two-three even four times a day or even by scrubbing your facial area hard can stop acne. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is true that dirt and dust is unsightly to the facial area and washing the facial area is the way to eradicate them but washing often can actually aggravate your skin more. Washing mustn’t be done more than twice a day. More than twice is enough to strip the facial area of its all-natural oils generating it dry. Also, scrubbing can trigger inflammations. Washing the facial area should be done as gently as possible with the gentlest facial scrub.

Acne Myth Number 2

Improper diet regime can trigger acne. Certain foods that are oily like French fries and unhealthy food can trigger acne to erupt in our facial area. But scientific studies have not discovered any connection between these two. So this means that food doesn’t trigger acne. Though a proper and healthy diet regime is always superior for our system, eating like a pig won’t make pimples a long lasting citizen in your facial area. So feel free to eat your preferred Lay’s, French fries and chocolates anytime.

Acne Myth number 3

When you’re stressed acne tends to pop on your facial area like popcorn pops from a kernel. Not true. Tension is a component of our regularly lives and presume it or not it is not a contributing factor to the acne residing in your facial area. Only intense tension handled by the doctor MAY trigger acne to erupt only as a side effect of the drugs an individual may be taking. If this is the situation, consult your physician immediately.

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